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Corporate Register is a global online directory of corporate responsibility reports past and present. Tens of thousands of reports and reporter profiles make it a comprehensive resource for the CR and sustainability industries, whilst their CRRA Awards represent the pinnacle of achievement. Our new sharp corporate logo design, utilising a stylised acronym, also hints at a keyhole – Corporate Register is the place to unlock a huge amount of CR news and information.


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Reports and Infographics

We’ve built a number of reports covering most sectors – each fits into an overall theme, and is populated with intelligent infographics.


The website is a valuable but hugely complex resource. Our design keeps things clear, organised and engaging, whilst providing quick access to in-depth knowledge.

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Creativity abounds in our ads that contain clever graphics, well chosen imagery and a pithy message.

CRRA Awards

The CRRA Awards are the industry gold standard. Our logo is clean, smart and authoritative – and something every winner is proud to show off.

Alex Chilton Design have been our designers for almost ten years. We’d used a number of design consultancies for the first ten years of our twenty-year existence, but Alex and his team have a unique talent for getting inside the client’s mind-set and delivering what is needed - without providing endless redundant options or starting from scratch for each project. This approach is so refreshing, client-friendly and cost-effective that we would now never go anywhere else!

Paul Scott

Founder, Corporate Register