Corporate and Annual Reports

We have worked with companies in the extractives and sustainability industries for over 10 years, covering event collateral, adverts and reporting. Our clients often involve us in their project’s earliest stages – our insight helps them to plan ahead and create workflows more efficiently.

The World Bank's Governance Review reports

With its stated goal of the reduction of poverty, The World Bank is an international financial institution that provides loans and grants to the governments of poorer countries for the purpose of pursuing capital projects. Our series of reports on African mining transform complicated statistics and information into an easily digestible and memorable format.


Ergo Strategy Group's bilingual report on Mongolia's mining industry

Ergo is a global advisory firm on natural resources and economic and social performance, which specialises in innovative approaches and practical advice. Ergo commissioned us to create their first large publication on mining. The highly attractive and accessible report filled with infographics transformed what would otherwise be dry and unappealing data into engaging visual graphics, allowing them to communicate quickly and effectively with high-level decision makers.

EITI Reporting Guidelines and Guidance Notes

One of our most recent projects with EITI was launched with some fanfare on the company’s social media. We designed a template which can be easily adapted to different sets of communications for the multi-stakeholder organisation, allowing EITI to streamline their processes and enhance the usability of their products.

Corporate Register's annual CRRA Award Winners reports

Tens of thousands of corporate responsibility reports and reporter profiles make Corporate Register a comprehensive online resource for the CR and sustainability industries, whilst their CRRA Awards represent the pinnacle of achievement. Our bespoke design includes charts and graphics, and a unique cover design based on the concept of ‘standing out from the crowd’. It’s not an easy task to create a new, exciting concept every year – but we have done so for over 12 years! The current report format is in digital format, and consists of hundreds of interactive elements to enhance the reading experience.

Great Place to Work's sector-specific reports

Every year, Great Place to Work launches different categories for their best practise programmes. They all need a distinctive set of communications, based on the global brand style which we have helped to nurture for over 10 years. Our fresh and engaging infographics liven up the reports, and the long-standing working relationship means we know the brand inside out – resulting in the fastest turnarounds.


A Guinean mining strategy report in French

Ergo Strategy Group commissioned us to design a 250+ page report with hundreds of detailed maps and infographics. We have created reports in several different languages before, so we were well equipped to take on this project. Bespoke icons and charts were designed to bring the finest details into focus, and allow the reader to digest the data-laden report easily and enjoyably.