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Innovation Forum is an independent London-based events and publishing company. It researches, creates, and facilitates events focusing on tackling critical business sustainability challenges around the world. Our bold, clear and memorable logo and branding reflect their offering.


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Every month we design an in-depth eMagazine that is sent out to Innovation Forum subscribers. It’s packed with information – we present that in a highly digestible and engaging format...


... packed with simple, clean and informative drawings and infographics that highlight relevant quotes and statistics.


Through appealing design and clear visual communication, the reports and management briefings we create are invaluable assets.

I've worked with Alex Chilton Design for more than ten years and always found Alex and his company excellent to do business with. They are one of the most reliable, flexible, creative and consistent suppliers for my business. I have no doubts about recommending them to anyone else.

Toby Webb

Founder, Innovation Forum